Nowadays, much is said about the supply chain and its importance. A perfect supply chain will help customers always ensure orders are delivered at the right time. "Deliver to customers at the right time when they need them" sounds extremely simple, but it's actually not easy. Items need to be stocked in stock for immediate delivery when customers buy. As for food items, they need to be stocked in cold storage.

Companies need time and finance to build a cold storage, purchase equipment, pay for operation and other fees. However, the core job of the wholesale company is sales. The main job of the manufacturer is to produce quality products for the market.

So, how are cold storage problems solved?

Cold storage rental is a service that provides solutions to satisfy the needs of cold storage and storage for customers. Storing goods is an important step in the supply chain before goods are distributed to consumers. For goods that are perishable foods, storing them in cold storage at the right cold temperature is essential. Thus, cold storage rental services were formed.

Common types of cold storage are categorized into:

  • Freezing cold storage reaches temperatures of minus -28 to -30 degrees Celsius.
  • Frozen storage has a temperature of minus -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Cool cold storage (Chiller) has a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Cool storage according to customer requirements (20 degrees Celsius)

The storage of perishable goods is not the same as regular storage. Having cold storage available does not mean good food storage. To ensure good preservation of food, it is necessary to have the proper operation of cold storage, the right product storage temperature.

In addition, the operation of cold storage will not be done properly without equipment. Even if there are enough of the above but security is not guaranteed, there may be loss or loss of goods. Therefore, security is an even more important issue.

Solving all the above problems, those are the most basic things of a cold storage rental service. But not only that, we also give our customers other benefits when using our cold storage rental service.

Reputable cold storage rental service is the solution to the above problems. We have many years of experience in managing and operating cold storage rental services for foreign companies, large domestic manufacturing companies.


  • Help goods be delivered at the right time, in sufficient quantity when customers place orders.
  • Significant savings in time, investment costs, cold storage operation.
  • Experience in storing goods properly, at the right temperature.
  • Manage warehousing, warehousing, inventory for customers.
  • The security cold storage is monitored by security guards and 247 camera systems.

Cold storage rental service Frozen room temperature minus -20 degrees Celsius


Cold storage is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, near seaports and international airports. Thanks to that, connecting traffic and moving smoothly between locations. On the other hand, this location is adjacent to developed markets such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An. From the cold storage location, imported goods from seaports and airports are delivered to customers quickly and promptly. The work of packing goods for export and transporting goods to seaports and airports also saves costs.

In the northern area, cold storage is located in Hung Yen which borders Hanoi City. Cold storage is chosen by pomegranate customers as a general warehouse, retail warehouse for Hanoi market and neighboring provinces. This location is convenient for imported goods to arrive at Hai Phong Seaport, then be moved into cold storage before being distributed to the market.


  • Frozen storage, cool storage, temperature storage on request.
  • Spacious buffer room used for making goods.
  • Counting and packing room.
  • Racking racking system.
  • Electric lifting type vehicle, hand forklift.
  • CCTV security camera system.
  • Row of 18 gates for importing and exporting goods.
  • Truck parking is free 24 hours a day.

Goods management is operated by software, real-time monitoring screen system, easy to access import, export and inventory.


Cold storage operates and achieves ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and HACCP Food Safety Standard System certification to improve the effectiveness of food hygiene and safety quality assurance recommended by the International Food Standards Committee, including the United States.

Cold storage services for rent are suitable for items:

  • Cold storage for seafood, meat and fish.
  • Cold storage for frozen processed foods.
  • Cold storage preserves fruits and grains with high nutritional value.
  • Cold storage for storing milk, yogurt, beverages.
  • Cold storage preserves dried foods.
  • Cold storage for functional foods.

Value-added services

  • Sorting, Counting goods,
  • Loading and unloading goods on and off the transport vehicle.
  • Warehousing, Warehousing.
  • Weekly inventory management.
  • Stamping, labeling boxes.
  • Lifting and inspection of goods.
  • Repackaging the packaging.
  • Cold shipping, cold delivery


Please contact the cold storage service department for advice:


phone: 0989 080 940 (sales)



Cold Storage Rental Service provides solutions to meet the needs of refrigeration and refrigeration of each customer.


Products that are stored in Cold Storage include preserved frozen foods, agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, fresh flowers, medicinal products, health care products.


The levels of cold storage temperature from -25ºC to + 20ºC, continuous temperature 24/24 with monitoring system, temperature measurement and continuous temperature update.


The full supply chain of cold storage services helps manage the cold supply chain from A-Z. Cold storage always ensures the storage temperature of refrigeration storage suitable for each type of products in the warehouse.

Loading/Unloading area with temperature from 6-10 degree Celsius
Pre-packing and packing, labelling, tally products
Store shelves change flexible height.
Truck and containers parking lot 
Pallet forklifts
Our other services include: Refrigerated transport services, frozen food storage services.
Our customers said that they are always satisfied with our service and service for renting cold storage. We would like you to be our next customer to experience the best.

Please contact the cold storage service department for advice:


phone: 0989 080 940 (sales)


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