Refrigerated storage of perishable goods is an important step in the sales process. Thanks to the frozen warehouse rental service, it is easier to circulate goods from manufacturers to retail points.

Storing food in frozen warehouses will help maintain product quality. At the same time, the frozen warehouse rental service helps shippers avoid a series of food contamination problems that endanger public health.

We have built a system of frozen warehouse rental services to supply the market demand. Nothing can be more reassuring once customers choose a reputable cold storage rental service. This is part of efforts to build a clean, safe cold chain.
Frozen warehouse rental solutions bring many benefits to customers to improve reputation in the market, save financial resources, personnel and management.
We are one of the professional and dedicated frozen warehouse rental service companies in Vietnam. Frozen storage systems are located in Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hung Yen and Hai Phong.


Frozen warehouse

The warehouse is built spaciously, solidly, solidly. Cold storage location is located on main roads, synchronous traffic infrastructure.

Refrigeration System

Winter storage temperature with deep cooling capacity of -20 degrees Celsius, stable operation 24/24. The temperature monitoring can be monitored remotely through electronic displays.

Rack rack system

The rack system in the frozen warehouse is installed to ensure cold air convection, air conditioning everywhere in the cold room. The shelving system is designed to help goods be stacked in separate cells. The cells all have openings wide enough for cold air to cool the entire cargo.

Forklifts for import and export.

Frozen warehouse rental service arranges workers to warehouse and export goods on behalf of customers. Goods are moved by forklifts in cold storage.

Closed cold chain

During the whole process, goods are always moved in the cargo area with a cool temperature of 6 to 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, do not cause the goods to suffer heat shock, frozen goods are not thawed, causing wet packaging tearing.

Cargo room area

The working room is an intermediate buffer room while moving goods into warehousing and discharge. The temperature of the loading room is at 6 to 10 degrees Celsius. Spacious loading room space is located along the docking doors.

Yard area

In addition, the frozen warehouse rental service has a waiting area, ample parking, a refrigerated plugging area for containers.

Surveillance Camera System

In terms of security, cold storage rental services include CCTV security camera system, 24/24 continuous surveillance security team.

Software systems

In terms of management, we provide frozen warehouse rental services managed by software to track discharge, warehousing, inventory, electronic temperature monitoring, to keep goods always preserved with the best quality.

Loading and unloading team

The loading and unloading team works carefully, loading and unloading goods up and down the truck. Every time you import and export, the goods are moved into the inside of the truck for the customer.

Capacity of warehousing and discharge

Frozen warehouse rental service can meet the output of warehousing and exporting over 200 tons / day.

Working time

Working hours at the cold storage are from Monday to Sunday, starting from 2:8 am to 00:23. Sundays work from 00:8 am to 00:17.

Cost optimization

Cold storage rental solutions help customers save costs. The costs are transparent, easy to track.


1. Provide customers with storage space to preserve quality cold goods.

We always provide frozen warehouse rental service whenever customers need. Frozen warehouses are always available for customers to store or store refrigerated goods. Customers do not have to worry about security, goods management andfood hygiene and safety.

2. Conform to food hygiene and safety standards.

Frozen warehouse rental services are managed and operated according to HACCP food hygiene and safety standards that are periodically certified. The export and import processes are managed according to ISO 9001: 20218 quality standards.

3. Cargo tracking.

During the time the goods are stored, we track warehousing, discharge, inventory of goods to help customers. First-in, first-out goods. The expiry date of each item is saved on the system. We monitor for customers to arrange the balance of goods appropriately.

4. Provide value-added services.

We help customers check and sort goods when they are put into frozen warehouses. Our staff monitors the goods if the packaging is not guaranteed or the temperature of the goods is not up to standard.

5. Cold delivery distribution.

Besides frozen warehouse rental service, we provide refrigerated transportation services, delivery to customers' stores and customers' partners.
Refrigerated trucks can deliver from 1 ton to 5 tons per trip. Goods are delivered on time. Transportation volume reaches 80/day to/from Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Long An and Vung Tau. In addition, we have cold transportation services, warehouse transfer when customers request.


The cold storage is equipped with hand forklift equipment, lifting machines during picking, importing and loading goods to the shelf floor. Truck and container truck parking is available for quick loading times.

The frozen warehouse is equipped with a sensor-temperature temperature control system, the cooling temperature area and the door of the frozen warehouse are made of 2 layers of insulated doors.